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The Old Jameson Distillery is one of the top attractions in Dublin. Located in the Smithfield section of the city, and open seven days a week, it is truly a can’t-miss/unforgettable experience. Guided tours are offered every day and last one hour and include a signature Jameson drink. Some lucky volunteers are selected to partake in a tutored whiskey tasting where each person receives an Irish Whiskey Taster certificate!

We were met by Sabine Sheehan who organized our 4-person tour and then led us to a private bar area where we were fortunate to participate in the tutored whiskey tasting. They have two offerings one is comparing Irish Whiskey to Scotch and American Whiskeys and the other is sampling four different Jameson brands.


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We selected the four Jameson brands and started with the Jameson Distillery reserve then moved to the Jameson Select Reserve Black Pearl, the Jameson Gold Reserve, and the coup de grace the Jameson Limited Reserve 18-year-old. We tasted each one separately and compared and contrasted and selected our favorites. This was no easy task because each of these outstanding Jameson offerings was different and superb in their own right.

Each of us had a different favorite, my favorite being the Jameson Limited Reserve 18-year-old. Sabine gave us each our Irish Whiskey Taster certificate in a nice little frame which we all proudly took home with us as a great reminder of our visit to the Jameson Distillery. The Distillery has three different bars inside, which is a tribute to the founder John Jameson. Another outstanding feature is the 3rd Still Restaurant which overlooks the hustle and bustle of the Old Jameson Distillery. The restaurant not only offers a great view but a good variety of outstanding a la carte menu options to enhance your Jameson Tasting experience.