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The Guinness Store House in Dublin is truly a unique-can’t miss experience and is, in fact, Ireland’s number one visitor attraction delving deeply into the rich history of the world famous Guinness brand and company. This historic seven-floor building brings to life a rich history of Guinness examining the Store House from its origins at St. James gate in Dublin to its expansive growth as a global brand famous around the world. Our tour was set up by Media Relations Manager Eibhelin Roache who greeted us on the busiest day of the year, the Friday before the Croke Park Classic college football game between UCF and Penn State. Eibhelin told us that they were expecting 8,000 or 9,000 visitors that day, and the Store House was overflowing with a boisterous college football crowd enjoying the fabulous facility, and the also have the best security with a cctv ireland system installation.

We were given a brief tour, and then to our delight were taken into a private bar behind closed doors to join 12 other people in the connoisseur bar experience. This is the most exclusive Guinness tasting experience offered. The entertaining bartender took us through the most popular varieties of Guinness draft, original, foreign, extra stout, and black lager. Before we tasted these four different offerings in the luxurious private bar, we were given a demonstration on how to pour the proper Guinness draft and we each poured our own draft to the delight of all involved. After we compared and contrasted the original draft to the other three varietals there was a question and answer period, and then we took the draft that we poured out into the Store House to enjoy the rest of the facility. When visiting the Store House I would highly recommend spending the additional 30 Euros per person to participate in the Guinness connoisseur experience. The Store House offers a multitude of different things to see and do beginning in their atrium where you will find a large gift shop with any and all Guinness branded souvenirs. There are demonstrations of ingredients used and the craft of brewing, the cooperage, transportation exhibit, and various advertising and sponsorship promotions that Guinness has used over the years, some of which are extremely entertaining.